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Living In Italy


So you want to move to Italy . . .


Expats in Italy, ex-pats, assistance for those moving to italy, a forum with loads of information for the newbie or the old handYou just came back from a wonderful vacation in Tuscany and you decide, "thatís it, Iím moving to Italy!" You want to enjoy those wonderful meals every day. You want to enjoy the people every day. Well you are among the lucky few who have been bitten by the Italian bug. Now what do you do? Hop on a plane and just figure it along the way? No, your best bet is to take a little bit of time and research every aspect that you can think of and others that you didnít even know existed.

Italy Magazine
The No. 1 magazine for lovers of all things Italian.
Excellent English language magazine and very informative website.  There are very good forums on the website about living in Italy.  Highly recommended.

If you live or are just visiting Italy then become part of our community. This site covers all areas of daily life in Italy and has many useful links. If you are unable to find the information your looking for why not visit our forums and ask a question or two.

City of Como




The lake district might possibly be Italy's best kept secret!


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