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Tre  Pievi  (Agenzia ImmobiliarE)


About the Company

Immobiliare Tre Pievi is a very experienced, long-operating and prestigious real estate agency specializing in the entire Lake Como region. The agency can satisfy every accommodation need, whether buying, selling or renting, from apartments to villas, from cabins to lots. “Lake Como’s unique beauty, the local culture, gastronomy and high level of services are factors which by now are renowned and appreciated at the international level" say Tre Pievi's founding partners.

It is not by coincidence that international VIPs have bought homes and organized events and functions in the area. For many years we have been selecting real estate for an exclusive and knowledgeable clientele. In addition to the traditional German, French and English visitors, recent years have also seen Americans and Eastern Europeans.

Even Italians are gradually rediscovering the wonders of this place and the appeal of elegant, well kept homes. For us it is a matter of pride to know how to service our clients in a complete (before, during and after purchase or sale) and competent manner. By calling ahead for an appointment, you may visit us in our offices and view, without any obligation, the technical and photo documentation of properties and homes. The objective is to find the ideal solution for the client by visiting selected locations together.

The deal is considered complete only when the client is fully satisfied not only in terms of the financial, “technical” or living aspects, but when he/she obtains the added touch of comfort, assistance and service that only the Lake Como area and we at Tre Pievi can offer.

Office Location

Agenzia Tre Pievi Domaso
Via Garibaldi, 63
22013 Domaso (CO) -
Tel. +39 0344 96150
Fax. +39 0344 95285
P.IVA 02649180136

Agenzia Tre Pievi Menaggio
Via Caronti, 1
22017 Menaggio (CO)
Tel. +39 0344 30342
Fax. +39 0344 34651
P.IVA 02675240135

E-mail & Website



If you are looking to rent a home for vacation purposes or when moving to the Lake Como region, we offer the best living accommodation presently on the market. One of our offices, specializing in rental properties, is at your disposal to listen, advise, and facilitate your viewing a selection of suitable properties. Visit our website dedicated to rentals:




The lake district might possibly be Italy's best kept secret!


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