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Hotels & Pensiones

There are many, many hotels, pensiones, bed & breakfasts, and agriturismo accommodations in Italy.  We often choose to stay in three star or less hotels, or agriturismo accommodations as we find the rooms and meals are wonderful.

Don't let the star rating fool you.  There are many excellent 2 and 3 star hotels in Italy, even 1 star ratings can fool you.  Don't get us wrong though, there are some unreal 4 and 5 star hotels if they are in your budget.

For really experiencing the rural feeling of Italy, we strongly suggest looking into an agirturismo accommodations.  The agriturismo system was developed in Italy where farmers and ranchers could set up tourist accommodations on their farms.  We have found them all to be excellent.

We have also presented links to on-line hotel reservation services.

A beautiful park of 30,000 qm is the paradise surrounding the HOTEL****Superior Parco San Marco, on the shores of Lake Lugano and dreamlike in atmosphere ...simply unique.

Come and spend some beautiful days in a simply unique environment and the mild climate of the South at the Parco San Marco till January 6th 2009.



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The lake district might possibly be Italy's best kept secret!


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