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There are many books and movies on the subject of Italy and Italian travel.  It is nearly impossible to keep up with all the new publications.   Because of this, we have in association with Amazon.com, presented books and movies that are recommended by Amazon.com.  Please use the menu above to view various book topics.

We think that these publications will provide you a wide array of information and many hours of fun reading.

If you buy books through our site, we will receive a small commission on the sales which will help with the expenses of maintaining this site.  Your purchases through our site would be greatly appreciated.

If you are in Lugano, Switzerland you might want to visit the Booknook library. www.booknook.ch
Ticino's only English lending library and used bookseller.  English spoken.

Studying Italian at Lago di Piano

Studying Italian - Lago di Piano - Carlazzo




The lake district might possibly be Italy's best kept secret!


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