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About us

www.italianlakes.com is a website about the Italian Lake district and the northern region of Italy including the Ticino canton of Switzerland.

Much of the site content is based on our own travels and experiences. We are an American couple who now make our home in Italy between Lake Como and Lake Lugano.

After 14 wonderful years of living in paradise on the island of Kauai, we made a life changing decision to try a new adventure of living in Italy.

Having traveled to Italy and the Lake District three times prior to our decision to leave Kauai, we were certain that the Lake District was where we wanted to be.

The move has proven to be fun, adventurous, humbling, exciting, eye opening, challenging and any number of other expletives one might choose.  Trying to learn a new language when one is 50+ is quite humbling and adventurous in itself.

The idea behind our website was to broaden the view of travelers to Italy who normally would not think first of coming to the lake area and sharing with them our knowledge and personal experiences.

Many first time travelers are not even aware of this area and what is has to offer.

Many of the Italian travel books only briefly mention the lake district and make suggestions possibly to visit Lake Como or Lake Maggiore on a one day visit from Milan before ones departure.

We think this is a big mistake and that the lake area is quite possibly the most beautiful area of all Italy.

Come see for yourself in our extensive photo galleries.

In the website, you will find that some of the content is about regions and areas that can be reached quite easily from the lake district.

Although the site is presented solely for the purpose of providing you enjoyment and useful information on Italy, the site also offers carefully selected shopping sites for Italian gifts and books for your

shopping pleasure.

The site also lists a number of vacation rentals which offer a variety of choices.  Most of these properties are managed by English speaking people.  We are not a agency so communication must be done directly with the property managers.

If you are interested in contacting us or being a sponsor of the site, please contact us by filling out our inquiry form.

Oria,  Lake Lugano




The lake district might possibly be Italy's best kept secret!


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