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About  Lake  Lugano


About the Lakes

About Lake Lugano

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Lake Lugano is smaller than both Lake Como and Lake Maggiore.  The lake which has a very interesting shape measures 36 km. in total length but rarely has a width greater than 2 km. which gives it a very intimate feel to the lake.   Lake Lugano is the only lake that has a bridge over it connecting the towns of Melide and Bisonne.  Most of Lake Lugano lies in Switzerland.

The main city on the lake is Lugano which is the most important city in Switzerland's Ticino canton which is Italian speaking.   Lugano is a very modern and trendy city but still retains much of it's Italian culture. In contrast at the eastern end of the lake which is all in Italy, Porlezza is the main town sitting at the extreme east end.  Porlezza which sits in a beautiful setting is still very much Italian although it is gaining as a resort destination.

The Italian waters are the deepest on the lake being about 290 meters.  The valleys of Val Solda and Val Cavargna on the north and Val Intelvi on the south side of the lake are quite interesting with their small villages and many trails to explore.





The lake district might possibly be Italy's best kept secret!


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